Medical Society of Johnson and Wyandotte Counties
Mission Statement: To unite the medical profession of Johnson and Wyandotte Counties to promote the highest standards of medical care for the citizens of the two counties.

6405 Metcalf Ave Ste 507

Shawnee Mission, Ks 66202

Phone: 913-432-9444

Fax: 913-432-9004

Executive Director: Jacque Amspacker




President's Statement: Mark Humphrey, MD


The landscape of healthcare delivery and medical practice is changing rapidly.  Even though we have the excitement of new technological advances, the cost and growth in health care expenditures in this country relative to the GDP has brought the healthcare debate front and center. Physicians are to deliver quality and be cost effective.  We have been confronted with reporting quality measures with programs such as PQRS and Meaningful Use.

   As 2014 unfolds we will hear more about ICD-10, SGR repeal and replacement, and challenges of the Accountable Care Act.  These issues of payment reforms and unfunded or under funded mandates look to continue unabated as physicians cope with not only how to serve their patients, but also how they continue to practice.  Many physicians have changed how or where they practice. Standing up to these challenges, today's physician is there to provide compassionate, quality care to those who put their trust in us. We exist to serve our patients.

The Medical Society of Johnson and Wyandotte Counties serves those in our community with Wy/Jo Care it provides access to specialty care for low-income, uninsured residents. Since its beginning in 2006, Wy/Jo Care physicians, clinics, and hospitals have provided more than $27 million in charitable care.  The program has grown to include over 500 physicians who, in 2013, helped provide a record $5 million in services. The number of physicians donating their time and talent increase yearly. We are thankful for their generous commitment. Interested physicians not currently seeing Wy/Jo Care patients can call Lisa Wienand at 913-403-0544.

  As physicians, we also serve our patients through advocacy. Quality is advocacy. Physicians and the respective organizations they work with create quality initiatives and measure patient satisfaction data to advocate for patients. Regulatory advocacy focuses on how legislation is implemented. We need to support our county, state, and specialty societies so that we have a voice in how laws that have already passed are implemented.The Board and many members of the Medical Society of Johnson and Wyandotte Counties have years of experience and expertise in these vitally important legislative issues. If you are not a MSJWC member, please join today. If you are a medical society member, we thank you for your support.